Pay-per-click or commonly known as PPC.  Is probably the single most effective web traffic source that exist on the Internet.  The idea of PPC is actually simple.  Someone types in a keyword in search engine, organic results (non-paid) will then be presented to the searchers.  Since the search results page still have some space left, the idea of showing ads based on the relevance of keyword type-in was born, and that’s what we call Pay-per-click or PPC.

There are only few PPC network that exists today that can have a greater impact in your business.

The most popular ones are Google Adwords, Bing adCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing.  Since Google Adwords holds more or less 80% of the total market share.  It’s a wise thing to do to get started on Adwords.

Benefits of PPC Marketing For Your Business:

Budget-friendly web traffic medium.

Guaranteed Targeted Traffic.

Access to hungry people that are looking for real solutions to their problems and more inclined to buy.

Very flexible marketing campaign (CPM or CPC bid).

Highest value for money (CPC typically costs less than £1).

Access to Geo-targeted traffic (beneficial for local businesses).

Robust advertising technology offered by Google.

Can be started quickly (no complicated set-up required).